SUCH DARK MAGIC - ROBYN DONALD Beautiful oral-historian archivist is on-guard with attractive Hero's attempts to change her mind about editing the tape recording that discloses her mother's alleged affair with his uncle. Heroine had a bad history of being fooled by another wealthy & charming man 9 years earlier & has done her best to minimize her looks & spurn her male admirers. She's torn b/w believing in Hero's genuine desire for her & her suspicions re: his real motives in seducing her. She eventually gives in to their strong mutual attraction but makes sure he knows it doesn't mean much to her. His mother's sudden decline in health forces heroine to make a choice about the tape & whether to take a risk with Hero.

Another enjoyable Donald book. Hero & heroine's sexual chemistry was clear from the beginning & maintained its intensity throughout the book. Emotionality & romance were exciting. Both characters were strong & reluctant to show their vulnerabilities & it warred with their powerful sexual magnetism & growing tendre for each other. I liked that heroine stood her ground & didn't succumb too fast to Hero. And I also liked that Hero didn't force her to succumb to him & wined & dined her to show his serious intent with her. It was too bad that Hero's sweet mother died before seeing them finally get together.