Too Wise to Wed?

Too Wise to Wed? - Penny Jordan Sexually-forward & career-oriented 25yo heroine tries to seduce attractive Hero but fails as Hero as sees through her power play. He confronts her about her fears but she defensively attacks his manhood & hoped to avoid him. But she soon finds out that she'll be working under him & he happens to rent the apartment next door to her. Heroine continues to use her wiles on him but he keeps responding differently than expected. She finds herself falling for him & is panicked by it. How can heroine trust herself with Hero?

I was leery when this book started b/c I thought heroine seemed too defensive about sexual equality & seemed sexually promiscuous. But I warmed up to her as Jordan unfolded her hidden depths. Hero was a good pair for her. He was well-individuated & knew himself pretty well to not be manipulated by heroine's one-upmanship games. I liked that he wasn't a man-ho & was actually still good friends with his 2 long-term girlfriends. He had a strong moral fortitude & didn't compromise his goals. He was looking for his true love & didn't give in to heroine's seductions as tempted as he was. Hero used his poor childhood history to understand where heroine was coming from. Unlike heroine he chose not be a victim of his bad childhood & was able to have compassion for his imperfect parents. Heroine was more emotionally immature. Hero gently confronts her on it & loves her anyway. He challenged her to grow up & she did. Her growth wasn't sudden & that made it believable. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good especially since it displayed the emotional progress of their r/s. What was just a mingling of bodies for heroine became an intimate connection b/w her & Hero.