Call Up the Wind

Call Up the Wind - Anne McAllister Unconventional heroine overhears her uncles' & cousins' plan to have businessman Hero "kidnap" her for a week in exchange for the ranch he wants to purchase from them. She sails out to her family's secluded island with plans to maroon him there. But circumstances occur that result in both of them stuck in the island together until help comes. They agree on a truce after much sniping & blaming but it only served to increase their awareness of each other romantically. The problem is that Hero doesn't do commitments & heroine lets him think that she's been dating his half-brother.

Not bad. McAllister keeps the pace going with the main characters' clashes. There were some funny moments with heroine being klutzy which mixed well with some of the more serious moments. This wasn't a heavily emotional book although the main characters felt deep emotions for each other. Heroine's carefree innocence & underlying kindness that made her lie to others made this book have an overall light tone. It was neat how their initial differences gradually faded as their numerous shared qualities were revealed. This was a cute yet still sexy romance.

Moderately recommended.