Playing Dirty (Hqn)

Playing Dirty - Susan Andersen Well-connected Seattle concierge agrees to work for documentary filmmaker Hero while filming at the estate she & her 2 best friends inherited from their late elderly friend. She's appalled that she's still very much drawn to Hero given how he used & publicly humiliated her 13 years ago in high school. She tires to stay professional & act nonchalant with him when he keeps apologizing for what he did to her back then. Hero still wants her but doesn't know how to make her trust that he's different now. They eventually have an affair but she doesn't think they have a future together. What can Hero do to convince her otherwise?

I liked this Andersen book as much as the other book in her series (Burning Up (Hqn)). This 2nd-chance romance was touching with a bit of poignancy mixed in with some humor. Main characters showed growth especially when compared to how they were in high school. Hero acknowledged & sincerely apologized for his past misdeeds but he didn't linger there too much. His actions & attitude now speaks for his character change. Heroine herself changed from being insecure teen to a self-confident & sassy woman. Dialogue was snappy. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were hot. Good emotional involvement & pacing.