Ride The Storm (Harlequin Presents)

Ride The Storm (Harlequin Presents) - Emma Darcy Heroine sneaks into Hero's exclusive upscale community party to ask him for support her plans to attract tourists in their dying coastal hometown. Hero rejects it at 1st due to a bad experience he had 20 yrs before that made him leave the town. But he later agrees to her request in return for her revitalizing his dwindling tv-station ratings. They're strongly attracted to each other but heroine doesn't just want a fling & Hero doesn't want anything more. They part ways several times & try to stick to their deal but circumstances bring them back together. They eventually succumb to their physical attraction but their individual stance about being in a committed r/s remains the same. What will it take for Hero & heroine to be on the same page?

An average Darcy book. The story & characters didn't interest me much. The romance, sexual chemistry, & sex scenes were decent but my lack of interest in the overall storyline & ho-hum emotional involvement made this book a slow & forgettable read for me. It bothered me that Hero seemed so much more in love with his late teen girlfriend than heroine. He carried his late GF's memories in his heart for 20 years while keeping heroine distant from his heart. I still have my doubts about the 'purity' of his love for heroine. I think that Hero's attracted to her b/c she shares some similarities with his late GF (unique eye color, kindness to others, big storm incident). Heroine herself questioned whether Hero was attracted to her b/c she reminded of his late GF.

Recommended with limits.