Scandal of the Year: Abandoned at the Altar

Scandal of the Year - Laura Lee Guhrke Unconventional divorcee asks conservative duke for employment due to her large debts. Hero hires her as his social secretary to help him find a suitable wife. Their frequent contact makes it harder for Hero to resist his strong & long-time attraction to her. He's been in love with her since they 1st met 12 years before & she was engaged to be married. Heroine has always known of his interest in her but she's only become aware of her sexual attraction to him & is frightened by it. She later succumbs to their mutual attraction but does not want to marry again. How will Hero convince her otherwise?

I wasn't very impressed with this Guhrke book & I usually am with many of her books. Although the writing & romance development was good I just didn't care much for the heroine. She seemed too self-absorbed. When she & Hero 1st met when she was 17 she was carefree & self-focused. Twelve years later she was still self-focused & her carefree attitude morphed into a frenzied quest for freedom from responsibilities. The poor Hero suffered from unrequited love & being used & manipulated by her. And he still bent over to help her with her troubles. Hero is definitely not an alpha-male hero but I wouldn't call him a doormat either. He's just a nice guy who wants a good-enough marriage & family. But his heart is with heroine & he eventually is able to chip down her defenses by his good-guyness. Sexual chemistry was one-sided until ½ of the book. Sex scenes were detailed but there were only a couple scenes. I believed that heroine did eventually fall for Hero but Hero still seemed to love her more even at the end.

Somewhat recommended.