Mail-Order Bridegroom

Mail-Order Bridegroom - Day Leclaire 26yo heroine's advertises for a husband in the newspaper as her last ditch effort to save her family ranch. Hero qualifies for the type of husband she's looking for but doesn't want to marry him due the great hurt she suffered from him when he didn't show up to take her with him 8 years ago. They marry anyway b/c Hero is her only viable choice & it doesn't take long for heroine to succumb to her strong attraction to Hero. She realizes that she's still in love with him but she's not sure if there's more to their marriage for him than revenge. Finding out what Hero's been hiding from her puts their r/s to a greater test.

This was an enjoyable read. Romance & emotionality were dynamic & made this a fast read. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were passionate. I liked both Hero & heroine although Hero was sometimes a little too domineering. They both were victims of deception by heroine's family in the past in order to keep them apart. They both carried hurt b/c of it & it still affected their current r/s even when they both faced the truth of what happened in the past. They both resisted giving in to their affection for each other & it made for an exciting read. The resolution hinged on heroine's faith with Hero. It made sense but I thought Hero should've done some groveling due to having deceived & outright lie to heroine about his involvement re: her ranch.