Tempestuous Reunion (Harlequin Presents)

Tempestuous Reunion - Lynne Graham 25yo heroine suffers from amnesia from a fall she sustained after she sees Hero again for the 1st time since she left him 5 years ago. Hero wants her back but she still resents him for how he treated her in the past. So he views her amnesia as the opportunity to make her marry him. Heroine is surprised at how amenable he is in marrying her when he was adamantly opposed to it before but she accepts it. Her memory comes back the day before their wedding when a child reminds her of her own 4yo son whom Hero doesn't know about. Will Hero still want to marry her when he finds out about the son she's kept from him?

Although Graham's writing pulled me in emotionally, I didn't like this book much b/c heroine was TSTL(too stupid to live). She was a very passive person. She let others especially Hero & their son run roughshod over her. It was as much her fault as Hero's that he didn't see much value about her other than his convenient mistress of 2 years. She dropped everything in her life (friends, work, hobbies) during those 2 years & followed his dictates. She didn't change much 5 years later either. She still allowed Hero to control her & the only change were her mild but easily changed protests. Hero was a domineering jerk who uses & manipulates people for his own ends. I'm not convinced that he truly loved heroine for herself. I think that he loved her for loving him as no one else had & that's what he missed when she left. Basically both main characters are emotionally underdeveloped people who will likely continue their unequal r/s because it suits both their issues.

Warning: dysfunctional r/s.