Proof by Seduction (Hqn)

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan Heroine has supported herself in the last 12 years by working as a fortune-teller. One of her regular clients unexpectedly brings his scientifically-minded marquess brother Hero with him. Hero seeks to debunk her fortune-telling abilities & show as a fraud to his younger brother. Heroine sets up tests as proof but these soon become b/w her & Hero. Both perceptively reveal each other's hidden weaknesses which result in both lonely characters feeling understood for once. Their attraction increases but their social differences & expectations of themselves create barriers to their future together.

I was surprised to have liked it as much as I did. I assumed it was just a romance b/w a fortune-teller & scientist but it was much more than that. Milan showed us different facets of Hero & heroine's characters which made them easier to relate to & made their romance more complex. Sexual chemistry & love scenes unfolded gradually & suited their romance development. This book had depth & good enough emotional involvement.