Savage Courtship (Harlequin Presents Plus, No 1744)

Savage Courtship (Harlequin Presents, No 1744) - Susan Napier Tall 24yo butler heroine is leading her enigmatic businessman employer Hero to believe that the blonde woman in slinky lingerie he slept with the night before was 1 of his estate's ghosts. She is embarrassed that she doesn't remember anything that happened while she slept b/c of being drunk & feels relieved that Hero doesn't recognize her the next day dressed in her usual prim butler uniform & tightly-swept hairstyle. He soon finds out what she's been hiding when he sees her on a date with her hair down & dressed sexily. How far will Hero pursue her & how much will she resist their mutual & strong attraction to each other?

This Napier book was a bit of a fun read. Hero & heroine played a hide & seek game re: the mysterious blonde woman's identity & after he finds out it was really her. It gave their romance some adventure & suspense & put some steam in their sexual chemistry. There were some socioeconomic & personal differences b/w Hero & heroine that put a block in their romance. Overall a light & good romance.