Dark Apollo (Top Author) (Harlequin Presents)

Dark Apollo - Sara Craven Heroine goes to Greece with her younger sister to look for her pregnant sister's missing Greek boyfriend. Heroine gets a very cold reception from the older brother of her sister's boyfriend. He doesn't want her nor her sister to bother her recently-injured & amnesiac brother & offers financial compensation if they leave his brother be. Heroine declines the money & fights her way to somehow get her sister to see her boyfriend. Hero's sister offers both Hero & heroine a compromise & heroine & her sister temporarily stay in their guest cottage. Their closer proximity increases Hero & heroine's attraction to each other. The day that heroine finally succumbs to their mutual attraction is the same day that her sister sneaks in to see her boyfriend. Will Hero believe heroine's claims that her making love with him was not part of their deceptive plans?

This Craven book had a great dramatic flair & kept my interest throughout. I didn't like the romance nor the characters very much though. Both Hero & heroine were physically attracted to each other but I didn't see love developing believably b/w these 2. I think heroine was drawn to his dominant personality & his looks. But Hero behaved like such a judgmental & cruel autocrat it was hard for me to see what made her fall in love with him. I definitely do not believe he was in love with her. He was too busy conniving & manipulating his family & heroine & her sister to have a chance to get to know heroine & let her see his good side.

Don't expect a good romance. Not convinced that Hero & heroine truly loved each other.