The Sister Swap (Dangerous Liaisons) (Harlequin Presents, No 1788)

The Sister Swap - Susan Napier Responsible older sister drowns out the cries of her sister's baby with loud rock music so attractive next-door neighbor & university professor Hero doesn't hear them. Heroine can't let anyone know that her sister who's busy finishing her book in another location has baby & that she is taking classes in the university & living in the apartment paid for by the writing grant given for her sister. Hero eventually finds out about the baby & heroine tells him the baby is hers. His negative view of her doesn't stop him from being physically attracted to her. Heroine is caught in her web of lies which soon catches up with her when her sister shows up at her door. How will Hero react when the truth gets revealed?

A different Napier in book b/c it's more light-hearted than her usual. There were a few entertaining moments but overall I didn't think highly about this book. The attempts at humor weren't hilarious & overall emotionality didn't move me. The romance, dialogue, characters, sexual chemistry & sex scenes were tepid. Two things that disturbed me about heroine was her frequently lying to Hero & sometimes it was unnecessary (i.e. breastfeeding the baby). She was also in cahoots with her sister about misusing her sister's grant money to fund her education & living expenses. This was explained as part of her 1st time living for herself instead of taking care of her family. Not a good start of independence in my book.

Limitedly recommended.