His Convenient Wife: Italian Husbands (Harlequin Presents)

His Convenient Wife - Diana Hamilton Jewelry-designer heroine wants to dismiss her husband's sexy PA's statements about being his mistress but seeing her come out of his room in the middle of the night confirms her fears. Heroine wants a divorce especially since her recent miscarriage no longer gives him any reason to stay married to her & she's lost hope of him ever loving her. But Hero won't give her one & seduces her instead. Her confession of her reasons for wanting to end their marriage is met with his anger & immediate abandonment. Will Hero give her a divorce after all?

This was an emotionally-involving Hamilton book. Hero & heroine's tendency to make assumptions & not communicate it directly with each other made their romance poignant & kept the storyline going. Their electric sexual chemistry & sex scenes added to the excitement.
I didn't like Hero's insensitivity & cluelessness re: heroine's feelings about her miscarriage & their failing marriage. He blamed her for believing he cheated on her & left her for 3 months instead of seeing her side of things. He didn't even stop to consider that his PA blatantly lied to her about being his mistress at least 2x & seeing her come out of his room in the middle of the night in her lingerie may have added fuel to her suspicions. He also failed to consider that his habit of turning his back on her right after sex & not having sex with her without telling her why after she told him she was pregnant may have made her insecure about his feelings for her. And being constantly away from her for weeks at a time especially right after her miscarriage could've worsened her view about lack of affection for her. In my opinon, Hero needed to grovel but instead it was heroine who apologized for misjudging him. He did apologize for leaving her to cope with the miscarriage at the end. Both of them had major problems in communicating directly about their assumptions & opinions about each other. But they seem to have crossed this barrier in the end. Their HEA is conceivable.

Recommended with some reservations about Hero.