The Italian Boss's Mistress

The Italian Boss's Mistress - Tall & dowdy-dressing financial account expert is shocked to realize that her perfect-fantasy man she gave her virginity to after just meeting each other at her company party the night before is actually her boss whom she openly criticized. Playboy Hero won't accept that all they have is a 1-night stand & seduces her into changing her mind. They have a secret office affair. Heroine knows that Hero only does short-term flings & plans to end it soon when she gives her resignation & travels to France. Her plans come sooner than expected when Hero cancels their lunch plans & instead takes his gorgeous GF out to lunch.

This has Graham's writing formula that works for me: good romance/dialogue/pacing/emotional involvement, likeable characters, & sizzling sexual chemistry & love scenes. Heroine wasn't a doormat but was docile at times. She was aware of it & attempted to be more assertive with Hero, although her way of asserting herself sometimes was in secret (i.e, not informing Hero of her plan to quit her job at his company & travel to Europe). I liked that she didn't accept his marriage demand after he found out she was pregnant. She was already planning on raising the baby by herself b/c she wouldn't take him in her life without love. I liked H's realization & admission of his mistakes (i.e., not breaking up with his GF sooner & instead making heroin think he was only using her while his GF was away). He was contrite & I believed in his promise of fidelity.