When Beauty Tamed the Beast

When Beauty Tamed the Beast - James Griffin, Eloisa James Beautiful & sought-after heroine is embroiled in a scandal after her prince suitor publicly declares his decision not to marry her & she just happened to wear a gown that made her look very pregnant. After careful consideration, she travels to Wales to be affianced to the physician son of a duke called the Beast who is rumored to be impotent. Their meeting did not set off any romantic sparks b/w the 2 & both Hero & heroine agree that they wouldn't suit in marriage. The time they subsequently spend together display how similar they are & their attraction builds. But Hero is very resolute about never marrying. What will it take for him to willingly commit to heroine?

This James book was better than the original Beauty & the Beast story. It had humor and explored issues like addiction, disability, unforgiveness, pride, vanity, and unconditional love. The main characters had hidden depths that gradually reveal how much more alike they were than their superficial looks & social standing. I liked both Hero & heroine's straightforward honesty & non-people pleasing ways. I liked how heroine taught Hero some tact & to have more humanity & care for people other than just viewing them according to their medical conditions. What I loved was how Hero proved his love for heroine towards the end. He showed her that his love went beyond her physical beauty.

Well recommended.