Whispers of Heaven

Whispers of Heaven - Candice Proctor Heroine returns to Tasmania from her 2-yr study in England to resume her engagement to her proper family friend & fiance. She begins to question herself & her place in life when she meets lifelong Irish convinct H. Her feelings become even more shaken when H is assigned as her groom & she gets to know him better. A future together seems impossibledue to his imprisonment & her social conformity. Hero's plans to escape restricts their time together even more.

My 1st Proctor read & it was enjoyable. I liked her crisp writing. Details about life in Tasmania for both English landowners & convicts were not overly done & added to my understanding of the underlying socioeconomic conflict b/w Hero & heroine. It was emotional-involving & well-paced. Sexual chemistry was gradually built as the main characters got to know each other more. Love scenes fit the forbidden romance & detailed enough without being considered erotica. Character development especially explored how heroine changed from a social-conforming & approval-seeking young woman to an individuated, courageous, & risk-taking one. The progression of her cheating with Hero on her fiance highlighted her transformation. I understood why she couldn't break it off with her fiance & why she indulged in her secret affair with Hero.