One Night in His Arms

One Night in His Arms - Penny Jordan House restorer tries to maintain a professional r/s with former estate owner Hero, who she chased after when she was in her teens & the only man she made love to. Her feelings & fiery interactions with him keep her from being distant however. Hero thinks her much-older employer is her lover while heroine thinks Hero's evening outings is with another woman. Who will be the one to break their misunderstanding barriers?

Another enjoyable Jordan book. Emotional tone, sexual chemistry, & sex scenes kept my reading exciting. I liked heroine's long-lasting love for Hero & didn't compromise herself with other less desirable men in the meantime & kept herself work-focused instead. The same can be somewhat said of Hero who likewise pined for heroine. He confessed to staying celibate for years for her but it isn't clear whether he stayed celibate since that one time he & heroine made love when she was 19. I liked the emotional tension from heroine & Hero's pining for the other yet both thinking that the other was with someone else or didn't return their love. Their big misunderstandings added to the tension & their discussion & confessions of love at the end made for a good culmination.