Cowboy Steals a Lady

Cowboy Steals a Lady - Florist heroine is kidnapped by recuperating bull-rider Hero who mistook her for the woman his friend regretted breaking up with. She doesn't protest much since she didn't want Hero to stop her friend's wedding to another man. Hero also presented the perfect opportunity to thwart her overinvolved father's machinations to marry her off to the man he wanted her to meet that weekend. Hero tries his best to avoid heroine due to his attraction to her. But their being snowed-in a little cabin & heroine's plan to have a fling with Hero result in a passionate sexual encounter. Hero doesn't foresee any future together given their different lifestyles & the fact that h is the daughter of the judge he got in trouble with as a teen. Can heroine convince Hero otherwise?

I thought overall writing was fine & so were the sexual chemistry & sex scenes. What I didn't care for the Hero. I like strong, confident, & serious alpha-male Heroes & this one was not. Hero in this one was more the beta type. He was immature, fun-loving, impulsive, & lacked ambition. He was obsessed with his bull-riding & did not think long-term financially or career-wise. Even in the end we don't know what Hero will be doing to financially support himself & heroine. Thank God heroine had her own flower-shop business & had a good head on her shoulders. I'm not confident of their future. Heroine's main attraction to Hero was his carefree spirit & how different he was from the type of men her father pushed on her. She was also at at point in her life where she wanted to get married & have a family. She did the chasing & Hero was quick to give up on their r/s. He was much more passive & didn't seem to have a hard time moving on with his life. He wandered around for weeks until he got a phone call from heroine.

Minimally recommended. Heroine chased after passive Hero.