Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave (Harlequin Desire)

Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave - Sheri Whitefeather Preschool teacher is attracted to her new roommate & rodeo rider Hero who still suffers from amnesia due to an accident many years ago. Hero returns her interest but makes it clear that he doesn't do commitments & his stay in California is only temporary. She tries to help him & thinks he can commit to her but he thinks he's unworthy of her due to a big secret he's keeping from her about his remembered past. Can heroine's love cover his past misdeeds?

I've read a few of Whitefeather's books throughout the years & liked them. Having read 2 in less than a week, I now realize how very similar the themes/tropes/characters are in her books. This book was so similar to Cheyenne Dad (i.e., blonde virgin h who falls in love with loner/noncommital/formerly-promiscuous-but-recently-abstinent/rodeo rider part-Native Am Hero, Hero is cigarette smoker who's trying to quit, there's kid(s) & pet(s) both Hero & heroine both get along with) I practically predicted what was going to happen next. The only major differences b/w the 2 books is the amnesia angle, heroine in this book was more assertive, & Hero was not as domineering & less serious. An average book but its predictability & similarity to another of author's book made it a boring read for me.

LImitedly recommended.