The Groom's Daughter (Presents)

The Groom's Daughter (Presents) - Natalie Fox British au pair gets dismissed from her job in a publicly humiliating way b/c her employer thought heroine was seducing her husband. Hero witnesses this & takes her to his home, where he then informs her of her 2-week entrapment. He thinks that heroine will ruin his old friend's long-awaited wedding to his mother. Hero heard about heroine's inquiries about his friend & believes she's his friend's ex-lover looking to reconcile with him. Heroine doesn't tell Hero that his friend is her biological father whom she wants to meet. She gets the message that revealing her quest will destroy her father's already-complex r/s with Hero & his family. Her falling in love with Hero makes her re-assess who she'll ultimately choose: her dad or Hero.

I loved this Fox book. The mixture of romance, identity, family, & culture were put together in a smooth & emotionally-moving way. There were some funny, poignant, & sweet moments. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good. Dialogue was engaging. I liked heroine's combination of innocence, practicality, independence, humility, & caring. I liked that she was able to laugh at herself & take people's ridicule of her lightly. As much as she desired to get to know her biological father, she weighed in the consequences of how it'll affect herself & others involved. I could feel her angst upon making her decision b/w her dad & Hero. I also felt Hero's anger, puzzlement, & desire for heroine. It was in how he acted more than what he said. His judgemental behaviors toward heroine was understandable & wasn't overdone. He was really a good man who's protective over those he loved.

Definitely recommended.