The silken trap (Atlantic large print)

The Silken Trap - Charlotte Lamb PA doesn't tell her boss that the war journalist they meet in the hotel they're staying at in the Middle East is her estranged husband Hero. She left him a year ago when she found out soon after they wed that he worked as a war journalist. Heroine was traumatized as a child by seeing her mother frequently distraught by her father's risky race-car driving career which eventually killed him & led to her mother's suicide. She didn't want to have a similar type of marriage as her parents so she left Hero & established a safe life focused on her work. Meeting Hero again shakes her well-built stability especially when he acts possessively with her around her playboy boss. Is their mutual attraction sufficient to hold these 2 together this time around?

Technically the writing was good & storyline was unique but the overall romance lacked depth & the emotional tone was boring. Maybe that's why I didn't really care much for the main characters. Heroine was a coward & dropped Hero at the slightest challenge. I didn't feel her angst re: why she had to leave him nor did I feel her missing Hero. Basically she was emotionally superficial. She was good at looking calm & collected & wanted to stay that way emotionally. Hero had a way to shaking her out of her desired emotional deadness. I don't see her appeal & don't understand Hero still holding a torch for her (he stayed celibate during their time apart) with the way she abandoned him. I think he knew deep down inside that heroine was not emotionally strong & thus his choice to keep the nature of his job from her until they married. The storyline was actually pretty good but the writing lacked the accompanying emotional intensity to make this a poignant read.

Tepidly recommended.