Impulse - Candace Camp Beautiful heroine tamps down her beauty & passionate personality within the last 13 yrs. She was forced away from her first love (the then-stable-boy Hero) by her grandfather & forced to marry a lord who repeatedly abused her during their marriage. After running away from her husband, her marriage ends in a scandalous divorce. Four years later, heroine is once again pressured to marry but this time by now-wealthy & vengeful Hero who manipulated things to make her family's financial condition dependent on him. She reluctantly agrees to marry Hero but with clear condition to not have sex with him. But Hero has a way to making intimacy more attractive to her.

Camp's book was good overall -- the romance, characterization, writing, sexual chemistry, love scenes, emotional pull. BUT details about heroine's sexual abuse by her husband was over the top & unnecessary. The reader could've gotten the same message with the sex abuse details taken down a notch or 3! Camp's making heroine's sexual abuse THAT horrendous ruined the overall romance for me & made this book more disturbing than it shoulld've for a romance novel.

Somewhat recommended for the romance but BE WARNED of TMI re: heroine's sex abuse history.