Sleeping With A Stranger (Harlequin Presents)

Sleeping With A Stranger (Harlequin Presents) - Anne Mather 32yo heroine goes to Greece with her 14yo daughter to see her father who she's been estranged from for the last 15 years. She's not prepared to see her first lover Hero immediately upon arrival nor did she expect that her father would lie about being ill just so they would see each other again. She tries to avoid being alone with Hero for fear of him knowing that he fathered her daughter. But Hero persists in finding out why she ran out on him 15 years ago & in following through with their still-strong attraction to each other. Will he have a change of heart when he finds out about their daughter?

I liked the twist Mather made to this story. I first expected Hero to be the cheater & selfish jerk when reading the first 1/8 pages of the book. The book then unfolds to reveal that it's the heroine who's the cheater & largely at fault for their misunderstandings. He had no clue that his soon-to-be-ex-wife called his hotel room & talked to heroine nor did he know that she got pregnant from his leaky condom. She acted like he knew all this & was resentful with him about it. She ran away from him instead of asking or discussing things with him. She also blamed him for seducing her when she was the one who ultimately seduced him to have sex with her. What was hypocritical of her was her being miffed that Hero didn't tell her he still had a wife when they slept together when she herself didn't inform him that she had a steady boyfriend of 2 years.

Heroine was a self-absorbed & unwise person at 17 and she continued to be at 32. I understand that at age 17 she was mad & hurt that her father would divorce his mom & leave them for his new wife in Greece. But he made multiple attempts to talk to her & see her but she never once tried to meet him halfway in the last 15 years until he lied about being gravely ill. You'd think she'd have more understanding of imperfections in r/s now that she's a mother & went through a less-than-ideal marriage. I could also understand why she married her boyfriend in haste at age 17 when she found out she was pregnant during a 1-night stand by who-she-thought-was a married man. But during the last 15 years she never wised up & thought of the injustice of keeping her daughter's existence a secret from Hero, married or not. Her whole reason was that she didn't want to lose her daughter to him. I don't get this since she was married then & Hero couldn't have legally taken their daughter away from her.

Their love for each other lacked depth. Their sexual attraction for each other was undeniable. But they didn't really get to know each other in the present time or 15 years before. They didn't do much talking b/c heroine kept on avoiding him & when they did talk it would turn very quickly into physical intimacy.

Limitedly recommended.