Never Less Than A Lady (Lost Lords)

Never Less Than a Lady - Mary Jo Putney Midwife herione is rescued by just-retired soldier Hero from goons her ex-father-in-law sent for revenge for supposedly killing his son years ago. Hero proposes marriage for her protection, b/c he's been attracted to her for 10 years now, & b/c he needs a wife for his recently-inherited earldom. Heroine agrees but stipulates conditions re: their physical intimacy & a walk-out clause if she doesn't want to be married to him in future. Hero tries to win her trust & it seems to be working as heroine accepts his intimacies. As the danger to heroine gets resolved, he is insure if she will continue stay married to him.

I couldn't get into this book. The writing with its historical, conversational, & descriptive details (as historically accurate as they were) got in the way of the necessasry angst, drama, & emotion that would've infused this story with life. It didn't help that the main characters were calm & collected even when we read their point of views. This book primarily lack the intense emotional tone I like in my romance novels. So, I skipped the pages with the non-romance-related conversations & descriptive details & honed in to the parts where Hero & heroine interacted.

I liked that there were no Big Misunderstandings b/w the main characters. The main challenge for them was trusting each other & making a life together after the individual traumas both Hero & heroine went through in their past. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were just ok & lacked the intensity of passion & sensations I like to read about. Ultimately, this book was pretty forgettable. I had difficulty remembering much of the book in less than 24 hours of reading it. Not a good sign.

Scantily recommended.