A Candle in the Dark

A Candle in the Dark - Megan Chance Prostitute makes a deal with very drunk Hero to pretend to be her husband on their voyage to California in exchange for money & liquor. Hero wakes up not remembering their deal but continues with it anyway. Their voyage is fraught with barriers which keep challenging the deal they made with each other as well as their evolving r/s. What kind of future will these 2 tortured souls have with each other?

This was different! This Chance book was a romance about an alcoholic doctor & an escaped prostitute who just killed her customer. It starts at its lowest point with Hero & heroine at their worst & having the basest regard for each other. Hero was self-pitying drunk & heroine a hardened & manipulative prostitute. The romance grew gradually & solidly as they got to know each other at their obvious worst & their hidden best. There’s quite a bit of angst & lots of emotional baggage for both main characters. It was a testament to the author’s writing to be able to build love & see beauty in the main characters despite all the ugliness in their lives. The portrayal of Hero as an alcoholic was not sugar-coated with a sudden cure due to being in love with heroine. We see Hero’s strong craving & endless obsession for his next drink. We see him succumb to the temptation & other time resist it. We also see heroine’s struggle with maintaining her emotional barriers to intimacy. These 2 are clearly fallen people who are trying to escape their pain but manage to see a kindred spirit & love for each other. We know that Hero & heroine have a long road in their healing from their individual pasts. But it was beautiful to see them do it together.