Love in Bloom

Web Of Darkness - Helen Brooks Heroine slaps businessman Hero upon meeting him at his business press conference as a reaction to long-held vengeful feelings towards him. She blames his company for ruthlessly ruining her dad's business & precipitating his early demise. Hero tries to understand her reasons but heroine thinks he's just manipulating her forgiveness & continues to fight him & her attraction towards him.

As far as Brooks' books go, this was good. The intense animosity the characters, especially heroine, felt for the other kept this book moving along. I liked heroine's emotional strength, intelligence, & direct no-nonsense approach. I didn't like her violent impulses though--slapping & kicking Hero in her rage, which is not characteristic of heroine's typically more controlled personality. So I guess Hero brings the worst in her. I just wish her passionate energy wasn't spent on such violent aggression though. Hero, on the other hand, was likeable in his brooding & arrogant demeanor that was tempered by his more subtle kindness & integrity. I liked that he was patient with heroine's acerbity yet wasn't a doormat about it. Sexual chemisty was good & love scenes only limited to foreplay. No sexual consummation included.

Somewhat recommended.