At the French Baron's Bidding (Harlequin Presents #2490)

At the French Baron's Bidding (Harlequin Presents #2490) - British heroine visits her estranged grandmother in France per her request & finds her regretful of how she treated heroine & her deceased parents. Her grandmother dies the next day & she inherits all her properties including her centuries-old estate. Next-door neighbor Hero is a baron and is suspicious of the timing of her grandmother’s death. He is also taken aback by his attraction to someone as dowdy as heroine & the fact that she’s named after her ancestor who betrayed his ancestor for another man. He seduces her to get her out of his system & she succumbs after some resistance. But it’s not so easy to get her out his system since once wasn’t enough & she’s resisting his plans to continue their no-strings affair. What will make her give herself completely to him?

As far as writing goes, this book was average. Emotional tone was ordinary. Nothing particularly dramatic or angtsy or moving. The only bit of excitement there was was the main characters’ sexual chemistry. The paranormal stuff was superfluous. The element of their ancestors’ misbegotten relationship failed in making a strong-enough link to Hero & heroine’s relationship. It was unnecessary.

For the most part, I liked the heroine. She didn’t tolerate Hero’s high-handed manner with her & blew him off many times. But she was a slave of her sexual impulses so she gave in to Hero’s seductive attempts more often than not. She didn’t even really like the guy & viewed him throughout most of the book as arrogant, selfish, & snobbish. Maybe it’s because she experienced her first orgasm with him & really liked what he could do to her sexually. But her frequent protests with him often changed once he started touching her.

I didn’t like Hero for his snooty, spoiled, & egotistical ways. I laughed when I read that he usually stays away from intelligent women. It so fits his egotistical character. He was too self-conscious & social-status conscious for my liking. I really don’t know why heroine would even consider herself in love with him. She had much more in common with Hero’s friend & he was quite attractive also. Too bad he didn’t do it for her sexually.

Recommended with constraints.