Fierce Eden

Fierce Eden - Jennifer Blake Young & independent widow escapes the Natchez raid in her town along with 3 others. Half-Natchez French count Hero guides them to a safer location with the condition that heroine will be his mistress. Man-mistrusting heroine doesn’t yield easily to him but Hero bides his time in letting her feel more comfortable in his presence. Their eventual affair hits a snag when heroine & her other cohorts realize that Hero was delaying them from their desired location. How will heroine trust Hero again?

The romance was weaved in this 400-plus book but it was too long on historical detail. It was like a saga of the Natchez & French American squirmishes except it happened in a year’s time. This book would’ve been better for me if it was cut in half because all that historical action rendition & other character relationships just got tedious. The main characters themselves were interesting when the book focused on them. Both Hero & heroine shared a lack of belonging & sense of isolation from their communities. Both were independent & made strong from their individual pasts. Hero resorted to deception & manipulation to soften stalwart heroine towards him. It did work until she found out what he was doing. Instead of groveling, he acted arrogant & even more controlling. As attracted as she was to him, heroine found the strength to leave him. She was independent & strong overall but there were moments when she acted clueless. She seemed oblivious to Hero’s obvious affection towards her. Her rescue of Hero at the end was not believable. Someone of her unknown identity and a woman could not have swayed the high-official’s decree to punish Hero who was well-known for his powerful influence over the Natchez tribe.

Moderately recommended for the romance.