The Italian's Price (Harlequin Presents)

The Italian's Price (Harlequin Presents) - Diana Hamilton Unpretentious heroine pretends to be her twin sister when she was forced by Hero to go back to Italy for her sister’s job as companion to his wealthy but ailing grandmother. She does so to protect her sister from Hero’s threat of contacting the authorities to prosecute her sister for defrauding his grandmother’s checks. Hero soon becomes suspicious that heroine may not be who she says she is and investigates it. But instead of confronting her on his suspicions he succumbs to their undeniable attraction to one another. Heroine’s plans to fess up to Hero about her true identity gets waylaid by it. Will their affair help or hinder their problem with heroine’s twin sister?

I’m straddling the fence on this one but leaning more towards liking it. Heroine was in denial for 3/4 of the book about her twin sister's thefts and long-standing selfishness. She was such an enabler to her sister so much so that she dropped her life in England, lied, & deceived Hero & his grandmother just to rescue her sister. I warmed up to her later in the book when she faced her codependency towards her sister & spoke honestly to Hero. She didn’t stay her sister’s doormat especially when her sister clearly showed her true colors. I also liked that Hero figured out pretty soon that heroine was very different from her twin & was attracted to her. He was attracted to heroine’s unfettered beauty while he remained unaffected by her twin’s seductive wiles & sexy fashion.

Moderately recommended--3.5 stars.