The Spanish Billionaire's Mistress (Harlequin Presents)

The Spanish Billionaire's Mistress (Latin Lovers, #17) (Harlequin Presents, #2540) - Susan Stephens Cooking-show host is in a little village in Spain to showcase the food & flamenco dancing that area is known for. She’s regarded with suspicion by Hero who seems to have an influence among the residents. She allays his fears about bad publicity by offering to cook for the whole village & by her willingness to dance the flamenco along with the woman she chose to dance for her cooking show. Hero becomes more open to following his attraction to heroine. But he soon finds out that she has some issues when it comes to love and sex.

This book bored me so much that I’ve decided to take a break from reading category romances for a little while. I couldn’t wait for this book to end. What usually takes me an hour to 90 minutes to read took me 3 hours. I was looking for other things to do than read another page of this book. The characters were superficially interesting (cooking show host versus mysterious Spanish billionaire) but the writing failed to make them come to life & engage me. Emotional intensity was lacking. There should have been more drama & high emotions in this book because of heroine’s sexual hang-ups due to her domestic violence history & public scandal. But again the writing failed to bring this to life & didn’t grip my emotions much. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were meh. It just felt emotionally disconnected.

Unfortunately, the most interesting parts about this book was the information on flamenco dancing & Spanish cooking. The rest were forgettable

Minutely recommended.