Betrayal Of Love

Betrayal Of Love - 22yo heroine is shocked at seeing her estranged husband again after she left him 4 years earlier. She caught him in bed with a naked woman after only being married for 2 months. Hero blackmails heroine into reconciling with him to save the failing company owned by her good friend & where she works. Try as they might to forget the past it keeps on rearing its head in their efforts to reconcile.

This was a good Hamilton book. It had a strong emotionality throughout the book. Romance, sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good enough. I liked how both main characters were willing to let go of past hurts & resentments for sake of giving their r/s another chance. Characters were likeable. I liked how heroine progressed from being an insecure & diffident 18yo to become a more assertive & confident 22yo woman. She took responsibility for her part in marriage failure & learned from that. Hero's hidden desperation to reconcile with heroine & his willingness to forgive & forget her supposed infidelities were touching. He even remained celibate during their 4 yrs apart. I really liked how he stood up to his mother at the end b/c he finally trusted heroine & realized his mother's hand in their marriage failure.