Mistress Bought And Paid For (Harlequin Presents)

Mistress Bought and Paid For (Mistress to a Millionaire) - Lynne Graham 22yo former supermodel who’s now a garden designer in a Welsh small town is blackmailed by billionaire businessman Hero to be his mistress. He will pay off the money she is accused of stealing from a children’s foundation and get the police off her and her mother’s back. Heroine agrees only to the sake of her mother who has secreted herself somewhere. Hero wants revenge for leaving him for another man 18 months ago. But the more that Hero get to know the heroine the more he’s convinced at how wrongly he’s misjudged her.

This book would have been a 4-star rating due to the romance/Hero doing some groveling when he found out that heroine wasn’t a money-laundering druggie slut/good sexual pull and scenes/convincing HEA. But I rated this book a 3-star because of heroine’s stupidity when it came to her mother. She was a complete enabler to her using and conniving mother’s and stepfather’s profligate lifestyles. She foolishly trusted them to handle the money she earned from being a supermodel even when they made very bad investments and ultimately lost all her earnings. She was still blind as to her mother’s capacity to steal from others just for her own selfish gain. So she whored herself to Hero to protect her mother. And she acted shocked when evidence clearly showed her mother’s hand on all her financial & legal problems. The good thing is that at least she wasn’t a doormat for Hero. She left him when she found out he was betting on sleeping with her & didn’t make it that easy for him to get back into her good graces.

Recommended with restrictions.