Bound by Your Touch

Bound by Your Touch - Meredith Duran Daughter of archeologist heroine is trying to prove to the popular Earl's son Hero that the fake Egyptian artifact he bought from 1 of her father's shipment was not intentional on her father's part. She thinks that someone else involved with her father is to blame. Hero believes she's in denial & trying to cover up for her father just like his sister did with her abusive husband. As the search goes on, they realize that the truth will affect more than just their family members.

All in all, I found this Duran book to be smart yet somewhat tedious to read. The writing was clever (i.e., plot, description of locales & people's behaviors, conversation). But the somewhat circuitous conversations b/w Hero & heroine about themselves & each other made this book emotionally distancing to me. I had to read carefully to understand the nuanced discussions between them. It didn't help that each had walls that kept them from feeling their inner turmoil. There were occasional glimpses of them in touch with their emotions but not enough to increase the emotional intensity of this book. The sexual chemistry was present but again the writing & way characters were portrayed made it tepid overall. The sex scenes were generalized for the most part. The sexual details that it did have failed to draw me in as well. I just thought it was about time they finally did it but without much excitement.

Hero & heroine were too involved in helping their respective family members. It seemed like the very essence of their characters revolved around their r/s with their family members. It kept Hero & heroine from owning & taking care of their own emotional needs & wants. And it provided a good excuse to resist thinking of their feelings for each other. It was only towards the end that they started finally thinking & talking to each other more intimately. It was as if the first ¾ of the book was written in the 3rd-person and only after that did it become more like a person-to-person r/s between Hero & heroine.

Limitedly recommended.