Not Fit for a King (Modern)

Not Fit for a King - Jane Porter Heroine agrees to impersonate a princess who happen to look like her except for the hair coloring. The agreement is to pretend to be her to her fiancé Hero for a few days until the princess finishes up what she set out to do, go back to Hero’s country, and switch places with her unnoticed. The problem is that the princess keeps delaying her return & heroine is left having to keep Hero from cancelling his wedding to the princess. Heroine’s efforts to keep him from doing so become more involved when she finds herself very much attracted to him & wanting him to want her for herself. What happens when the princess returns?

My uneasy feeling re: the romance b/w Hero and heroine grew as the book proceeded. Heroine may have started out not having much of a choice but to divert & pretend she was Hero’s fiancée. She was helping the princess whom she looked like tie up loose ends before she married Hero. But it became more & more evident as the story went on that heroine’s choices to lie, make Hero enamored with her, & have sex with him were all rooted in her own wants. She deluded herself just to fulfill her wants when she knew that in just a matter of days Hero would be marrying the princess. She wanted Hero to fall in love with her, have sex with her, and marry her (not necessarily in that order). There was not much guilt or remorse about her sabotaging Hero & the princess’ future marriage. Or hurting them individually. She just took all that she could in the short time remaining.

When the truth about her true identity & her ploy with the princess were revealed, she gave a weak apology. She didn’t even grovel for the gravity of her betrayal of Hero & the princess. Hero was hurt & upset about her lies & deception but he let her off easily. He acted like the doormat & not the strong alpha male he supposedly was. He should’ve put her in jail or something. Instead he let her leave his country & pined for her. The resolution was lame & so contrived. His old nanny just so happen to be there when heroine & the princess were born & separated to different parents. So, voila, Hero & heroine can now marry.

I'd skip this one.