Wedded in Scandal (A Bridal Favors Novel)

Wedded in Scandal (A Bridal Favors Novel) - Jade Lee Dressmaker h hides her scandalous identity as the daughter of the earl who became known as the Thief of the Ton by creating a false name & background. She’s doing her best to increase her business with the upper class women by making the bridal trousseau of the sister of the viscount Hero. Hero at first thinks heroine is trying to deceive her sister financially but his attraction for her is what drives him to find excuses to see her. He asks her to be his mistress but she refuses even though it’s tempting. She eventually relents to a secret affair but Hero is finding that a secret affair with her is not enough for him.

I enjoyed this book overall. The writing made the characters alive. They were realistically portrayed with strengths & imperfections and pulled me to care about them. But the middle part of the book with the bridal-dress talk & such bored me a bit so I thought this book would end up being an average read. Fortunately the romance progressed with more intensity towards the latter part. Hero’s character, his feelings for heroine, & his striving to be with her as much as he could cinched my interest in this book. I could feel his fervency in making her happy & being with her. He did his best to silently support her endeavors yet was vocal about wanting to be with her. He was also a sweet man who doted on his younger sister & helped her with her future in-law situation to make both her & heroine happy.

One other thing I didn’t like about this book was how modern the attitudes were of heroine & other female characters regarding female independence, especially financial independence. Although it could certainly have occurred, it was too convenient to have that many women heroine happened to meet to share her beliefs.