My Dangerous Duke

My Dangerous Duke - Gaelen Foley Abducted heroine is drugged & given to duke Hero as a gift from the people of his seaside village to appease his anger towards them for their smuggling activities. Heroine sets Hero straight on who she is when she wakes up. Yet it doesn’t remove his suspicions about her being part of the nefarious group he’s been after as an assassin. As they wait for her kidnapper’s letter, they get to know each other & unravel his unemotional assassin stance. Their affair draws them even closer despite Hero’s warnings that what she doesn’t know about him will repulse her. How does heroine convince Hero of her love for him?

This was a solid romance with some Indian-Jones type of action. Heroine’s innocence, strength, honesty, & persistence made her the right partner for strong & hardened assassin Hero. It was neat to see Hero’s resistances to her love weaken the more she showed him that his bad & dangerous side doesn’t scare her away. Their sexual chemistry & sex scenes were hot but the book focused more on the building of their emotional intimacy. The action part was written well and kept my interest. It was thrilling to read about the obstacles the encountered to reach the key for the valuable documents they were after. Their success highlighted heroine’s intelligence in cracking the codes * Hero’s physical prowess.