Return of the Moralis Wife (Mills & Boon Modern)

Return of the Moralis Wife (Mills & Boon Modern) - Jacqueline Baird 24yo language interpreter agrees to a 2-week affair with her ex-husband Hero in exchange for giving her company shares she’ll use to support her grandfather’s longtime housekeeper. She accepts that their affair will be sex-based & no longer sees him with stars in her eyes. Hero wants closure & revenge for her supposedly cheating on him during their short marriage. But their time together now shows heroine to be more mature & more captivating than before.

I liked this non-doormat heroine. She may have started their r/s with much naivete at 19 but their breakup made her grow up. She didn’t pine & wait for him to come back to her. Instead she went to college, finished her degree, dated, & became quite accomplished in her line of work. She agreed to their 2-week affair fully cognizant of Hero’s motives & she was fine with that. She accepted her strong attraction to him & may as well take as much pleasure as she can while getting her agreed-upon money at the end.

I didn’t like Hero very much. He was arrogant, judgmental, & so full of himself. I never felt he loved heroine when they got married & admittedly married her thinking she might’ve gotten pregnant. I could tell he liked & respected heroine during their hot 2-week affair but never felt he loved her or fell in love with her. He was surprised, admiring, attracted, & amused. But in love with her? No, never felt it from him. Although I agree that he did grovel towards her, it was lacking in impact because I didn’t feel that he was into her until after she blasted him about the past. Once she told him the truth of what happened 6 years ago, it changed how he saw her & felt about her. I wish Baird had Hero start realizing he was in love with her before he knew about what happened 6 years ago. Instead, it left me wondering whether he would’ve realized he loved her if it wasn’t for her confession. Would Hero still have loved her even if she didn’t correct him about the cheating 6 years ago? Would he still have pursued her & remarried her if he still didn’t know the truth? Probably not. Hero was a very proud & arrogant man. His pride wouldn’t have allowed him to make himself that vulnerable to a woman who wronged him like he thought heroine did. So it was good that the truth did come out. Guaranteed their reciprocal love & their HEA(happily ever after).

Moderately recommended.