Secrets She Carried

The Secrets She Carried (Mills & Boon Modern) - Lynne Graham Heroine accepts her ex-boyfriend Hero’s blackmail to have a weekend of sex with him in exchange for his keeping her supposed company thievery a secret from her new boss. She just now finds out the reasons why he suddenly broke up their 1-year relationship 3 years ago. He not only thought that she stole from his company but that she also cheated on him. What he doesn’t know is that he’s soon going to find out the true secret she’s been keeping from him. What happens to their relationship when all the truth is exposed?

Romance that was primarily lust & secondarily a match-up of the main characters’ dysfunctions. Heroine’s resolve to be strong & not give in to Hero inevitably failed because she gave in to Hero every time he got sexual with her. It was like her brain froze when he kissed or touched her. I got so disgusted with her weakness that the sex scenes stopped being sexy to me after a while. Hero was never in love with heroine. He treated her like a mistress & went on to marry another woman only 3 months after he broke up with her. Three years later, he acted out of lust, revenge, pride, & convenience & not love for heroine. He wouldn’t have proposed marriage if it wasn’t for their kids. Instead of apologizing for grossly misjudging her as a thief & a slut, he turned things around where he apologized yet blamed her for indirectly causing his misjudgement. And she actually ended up accepting the blame, apologizing to him, & used that to excuse his cruel rejection of her & her subsequent life crises. The really bad news is that this was how they resolved their Big Misunderstanding. He was truly a jerk & her, a doormat! No character development to speak of. Their HEA(happily ever after) is not likely.

Minutely recommended.