Against the Odds (The Raines of Wind Canyon)

Against the Odds - Kat Martin Stockbroker heroine takes an indefinite time off her dwindling career to pursue the mining efforts of her recently-deceased uncle who deeded her a 3000-acre West Texas land that may have some silver on it. Although she thought private investigator Hero was a cocky & overbearing playboy, she hires him anyway to fly her over the land & help her find her uncle’s mines. Their helicopter crashing in the desert as well as other accidents aimed at heroine extends their relationship further than she planned. Their time together gradually changes her views of him. It also creates feelings Hero has never felt for any other woman. But are those feelings enough to make Hero commit to her?

------------------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don’t want to know about the book’s details--------------------------------

I rated this book higher than Against the Wind and Againt the Fire. The action-suspense part was more exciting & not as predictable in this book. And I liked the main characters better in this book too. Heroine was smart, feisty & independent yet soft (although I could’ve done with a little less of her crying incidences). She had an adventurous spirit and courage even when scared or uncertain. She also didn’t sugarcoat things & told Hero how it was, even if it meant that she’d be rejected or hurt by him. She did it because she wanted honesty in their relationship and knew she was going to go on if Hero no longer wanted to be with her. And she did. She warned Hero how things were going to be if he still wasn’t ready to make a commitment to her by the time the culprits were found. He wasn’t ready so she breaks it off with him immediately after he told her the good news about the culprits. And I liked how she told him to not contact her or stop by to see her. Make it a clean break. I also liked that she didn’t pine for him helplessly. She cried many a tears & was very despondent days after she broke up with him. But she also agreed to a lunch date with the man who’d been showing interest in her for a while. No doormat is this heroine.

It was at first unsure about Hero’s affection towards heroine. He was certainly physically attracted to her, admired her for her intelligence & personality, and cared about her well-being when her life was threatened numerous times. But when his old supermodel girlfriend showed up unexpectedly at his house, he introduced heroine who he’d been sleeping with nightly in his house as merely his “client”. I had great doubts about Hero’s emotional attachment to heroine at that point. He had big issues with life commitment and being with heroine didn’t seem enough to make him turn a corner with romantic commitment. It wasn’t until after she broke up with him that I became more convinced that maybe he still had hope. Hero pined for her in a grouchy man way. His life & his home felt empty like never before & thoughts of seeing other women “turned his stomach”. I became convinced that he really was in love with heroine when he finally told her his uncertainties about his future & declared his love for her. It was particularly telling that he proposed marriage right away instead of choosing to just live with her like his friend suggested until his future was more certain. That was a satisfying ending.


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