The Making of a Gentleman

The Making of a Gentleman - Shana Galen Vicar’s daughter thought she was hired to tutor a young Comte but instead meets an adult version who looks untamed, doesn’t speak, & howled when she stopped playing the piano. Hero was imprisoned in relative isolation for 12 years in a French prison & was only recently rescued by his older duke brother. His family hires after seeing his unusual responses to heroine. Hero shows his attraction to heroine right away & she tries to dissuade him due to society’s rules. But she’s equally drawn to him but can’t do much with it no matter his proposals of marriage because of her betrothal to another man. Danger in the form of 2 men from his past further complicates their being together. How do they surpass these obstacles?

I really liked this “me-Tarzan-you-Jane” story. Hero carried the romance. He didn’t care about anything but claiming heroine as his. But because he did care for her & knew that she cared about societal rules & such, he gave her just enough space she needed. He learned to speak because it helped him voice out his previously-kept thoughts and because she wanted his words. Albeit some of his progress seemed implausible for someone who’s had virtually no contact for 12 years, he learned to speak & behave mannerly with speed. He worked on facing his childhood fears & didn’t let the men from his past intimidate him. Heroine was drawn to him even when he was acting like a wild man. They were kindred spirits with music & understood each other without words. I loved how Galen captured this. It made for an exciting sexual chemistry & sexy love scenes. My only qualm about virgin Hero who has had no exposure to sex (including in books he read as a child) was his knowledge of what to do sexually. That seemed hard to believe. Some clumsiness and even cluelessness during sex and then learning about what works for each other would’ve been more realistic but still sexy for both these virgin characters. Aside from these minor issues, this book was an enjoyable & speedy read.