Forgotten Daughter

Forgotten Daughter - Jennie Lucas 33yo renowned photographer is still a virgin, never been kissed, & turns men off with her icy & rude manner. She’s been warned about playboy horse-ranch owner Hero & she tells him right away that she’s not interested in him. Initially Hero views her as a challenge to his womanizing history. But as he sees behind the icy-queen façade she puts on, he becomes more emotionally drawn to her & finds himself obsessed with her. Their battle of wills changes as she succumbs to the vulnerability she feels around him and, for Hero, as he pursuits her because he wants to know her hidden depths. What do they sacrifice to do this?

I liked this Lucas book, which is also entitled "The Girl That Love Forgot". It’s my 1st read of hers & I’ll be reading her others based on this one. Her characterization of Hero & heroine are multi-faceted & relatable. They are very good-looking & successful as is typical of HP(Harlequin Presents) but they also have fears & resistances due to their past that drive their present actions. I like how Lucas explains why Hero became an alpha-male playboy & heroine, the famous workaholic photographer. It helps give us insight into why Hero took heroine’s you-can-never-seduce-me statement as a challenge & how loneliness follows heroine’s untouchable & aggressive stance. I liked how heroine took the lead in their straightforward discussions with each other. She told him what she thought & expected from him. He reciprocated in kind after he realized he couldn’t seduce her like he had other women.

The emotionality of this book lies in our knowledge of what shaped Hero & heroine, how they usually act with others, & how different they’re acting & feeling towards each other. There is definitely character development in this book. Hero changed from pride-motivated seduction of heroine to an earnest & uncontrollable need to get to know who she truly is. Her growth was one of physical & emotional distance from others to allowing herself to touch & be touched by Hero. It made for a good sexual chemistry & emotionally-tinged sex scenes.