Beach House No. 9

Beach House No. 9 - Christie Ridgway Heroine is sent to help procrastinating war-reporter Hero finish writing his war memoir by his deadline. Traumatized Hero is doing all he can to avoid his book, be it immersing himself in loud music, daily parties, alcohol, or his vacationing family. He tries to avoid heroine also but she’s as stubborn & creative in getting him to write again. Their fiery exchanges soon turn into a hot affair with both knowing that it’ll last only until the deadline per Hero’s dating rules. Her feelings become more involved as he treats her with care as no one has ever has. Yet he continues to push her & his emotions away. How much of his rejection will she take?

Like other Ridgway books, I thought this one was light-hearted with some depth. Ridgway writes with her usual whimsical way with her characters, location, & storyline. She also manages to tackle some heavy issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the midst of all the whimsy. Hero & heroine engaged me, despite Hero’s avoidance & pushing away of heroine & people in his life. I liked how heroine’s simplicity & inner strength wormed its way into Hero’s resistant heart. Their sexual chemistry was instant, although it was hidden behind their arguments & sarcasm with each other. It made for some passionate sex scenes. Their romance developed gradually as heroine saw behind the angry & rejecting façade Hero was putting out & as Hero couldn’t control his growing feelings for her. The main challenge of their romance is Hero’s avoidance of deep emotions. It wasn’t until he faced some of his deep emotions including for heroine that their relationship had a chance for permanency.

Secondary characters were interesting, especially the minor romance between Hero’s sister & her distancing husband. They didn’t take away from the main romance & served to help it along & Hero as well in managing his PTSD.


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