Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle - Victoria Dahl Misfit heroine is pleased she was hired to turn an abandoned Wyoming town into a tourist attraction. She soon finds out that she was only given the job by the town’s committee not for her skills or potential but to thwart the legal efforts of the grandson of deceased landowner to block the money for the town. She continues with her restoration plans anyway & hires on her own her neighbor Hero to help with the construction. Unbeknownst to her Hero is the grandson who’s blocking the restoration she so wants. Their relationship eventually turns into a secret affair & Hero feels guiltier for double-crossing her. How does he makeup for deceiving her?

I had a few laughs especially with heroine’s POV re: how clothes & makeup look on her & her previous relationships. The writing was generally light-hearted. The revelation of Hero’s betrayal towards heroine & his trying to atone for it was more serious but not particularly poignant. This might be not due to author’s missing the emotional mark but more of the nature of heroine’s characters. She is a survivor who chooses to see the positive side of things & therefore bounces back from tragedy quicker than others. I really liked how she told Hero off, standing up for her worth & crossing him off her life. Hero’s atonement was genuine but more distant (SPOILER…he surrendered the money he was suing for over to the town’s restoration per her desire) than I prefer. I like my Hero grovels to be much more personal & vulnerable. Aside from that, he atoned for his wrong & heroine was mature in her decision to forgive him & let him back into her life. I also liked how Hero saw her clumsiness & cute look as attractive. He didn’t try to change her nor did she try to change herself to make him find her sexier.