Joey to the World

Joey To The World - Flesa Black Voluptuous heroine is a popular radio sex-therapist who finds herself very attracted to her the new owner of the radio station & her boss. Hero has an instant attraction to her as well but treads carefully in showing her his true feelings. She seemed to not accept his signals & he gives her the space she seems to need. But his growing obsession with her drives him to contact her anonymously through an internet chat room she frequents. They start a cyber-sex affair. Being with Hero & online-chatting with her anonymous friend confuses her feelings. How does she react when she finds out that Hero & her online friend are the same man?

There was a lot of telling & lack of showing in this book. Although I loved that Hero was obsessed & intensely attracted to heroine to the point of becoming stalkerish, the writing made this just an average read. I didn't feel the intensity of his attraction towards her & his mad pursuit in spending time with her however he could. I didn't feel the hot sexual chemistry & sex scenes I read either. The writing lacked the emotional component to keep my interest in the story & the characters. It was emotionally disjointed & I didn't feel connected to the characters at all. The author also tried to infuse so much in the main characters that it ended making them confusing & hard to connect with. For example, heroine is this popular radio show host & sex therapist who was self-assured, confident in her manner & sexually open. She was also sexually experienced with several boyfriends & she experimented with sex with another woman in college. So her huge insecurity with men & not believing they could be attracted to somebody voluptuous like her didn't make sense. I could understand if she was super-obese & being demeaned for her weight by most she knew but her history & people in her life didn't treat her weight as an issue at all. We don't really know enough about any particular event(s) that made her feel that way. So I didn't get why she was so insecure about herself that she couldn't believe good-looking Hero would be attracted to her. Also, Hero was admittedly a straightforward kind of guy especially with things he wanted. It didn't make sense that he would go in such a roundabout & deceitful manner in wooing heroine. He said one thing & acted in a different way. There was a lot of these inconsistencies in the book.

Limitedly recommended. A 2.5-stars out of 5.