Blind Curve (Warner Forever)

Blind Curve - Annie Solomon Due to witnessing a botched murder attempt of Hero, trainer for the blind is in protective custody with recently-blind & attractive Hero who she's assigned to guide & who she's had a crush on since their high school years. She keeps pining after him while wrestling with major insecurities about her unattractiveness while Hero is wrestling with his blind status & finding the culprit.
I found this Solomon book slow-paced. Her overall writing was ok but some of the content either bored or annoyed me. The action-suspense part was predictable. But there was too many details about thugs & police procedures that I got bored & skipped those pages. The romance was pathetic. The heroine was desperate for Hero's returned attraction/love but was so insecure about her looks. I couldn't stomach her clingy desperation. It was like she was begging for whatever love crumbs Hero would drop her way. Ugh! I wasn't even convinced she was in love with him. More like obssessed & in lust. Hero's affection for heroine seemed condescending. He appeared confident about his looks & his belief in heroine's plainness. I was not convinced AT ALL that he was in love with her. I think he settled for her b/c she was nice, helpful, & willing to lay her life for him. Sexual chemistry was one-sided & love scenes was hard to read b/c of aforementioned pathetic romance.

Not recommended unless you want to read about heroine desperate for Hero's affections.