Hunt Her Down (Bullet Catchers)

Hunt Her Down - Roxanne St. Claire Sexy widowed heroine is shocked to find out that the guy she met at her bar & who she almost had a 1-night-stand with is her supposedly-dead lover from the past.
She felt betrayed when she realized that he was working undercover for FBI during their secret affair, when she was involved with her mafia-type boyfriend, She's isn't sure whether if its only sex or if there's more to their relationship this time. Instead of trying to use her to get to the bad guys, this time he's protecting her from her ex-boyfriend who's now out of prison & his vengeful family.

St. Claire's writing is good. Pacing & emotional pull were good. Action-suspense was ok, although predictable. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were hot. I just wasn't convinced about the romance on the Hero's part. Heroine was both in lust & in love with Hero, when she was younger & when they reunited. On the other hand, Hero was clearly in lust with heroine. But in love? Not sure. There's some inconsistencies in hero's feelings towards heroine. Hero seemed to have forgetten about heroine after their undercover operation was finished. He didn't try to call her or even check up on her in all those years. When she asked him if he would've married her then, he responded with a quick & resounding "no". Yet later he confessed to being in love with heroine during their secret affair. So he was in love with her but didn't want to marry her? Hmmm. When they were reunited, hero was definitely hot for the heroine but only began to show emotional interest in her when he found out about their son. She seemed only to be an afterthought to him.

Recommended but iffy about the Hero's love for heroine.

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