REVIEW: Rush (Phoenix Rising) by Joan Swan

31yo heroine doesn’t know if what she experienced was real or not. She just saw & kissed a man who resembled her firefighter husband who died in a warehouse fire 5 years ago.

She’s still not convinced when she sees him again in person & her close friends are confirming his identity. 33yo Hero can’t remember much except for his experiences being tested & prodded and some fuzzy ones doing dangerous missions. He’s been dreaming of heroine all that time, not knowing who she was. He’s not about to let her go now that he’s able to be with her, despite all the mystery around him and the men out to get him back in their control. Heroine is torn between telling him the painful truth of her life in the past 5 years and keeping him in the dark to protect him from further trauma. How does their relationship fare when all gets revealed?

Lots of components in this book(i.e., paranormal powers, 1st romance, 2nd romance, addiction recovery, grief/loss, political espionage, amnesia, human experimentation) but it was easy to follow & smoothly paced. The real-life action scenes weren’t plentiful. Most of the book was centered on how the main characters & their teammates/friends were dealing with Hero’s comeback & trailing the mystery of his disappearance & those hunting for him now. There were various people and elements involved. It didn’t always make sense to me but some seemed to be an introduction to characters that will likely be featured in their own book later.

The romance was woven well with the other subplots. We get the before- and after-explosion views of their romance. It was poignant to see how devastated heroine was with Hero’s supposed death.** Hero’s understanding of her plight eased some of the destruction she did to herself & their relationship. The quality of their relationship was decidedly different now compared to before the accident. Both Hero and heroine have changed drastically. Hero’s amnesia created a divide in their views of their relationship. It was another loss that heroine had to grieve. Their second romance was both sad and joyful. Sexual tension & sex scenes were passionate & emotional.


**A more detailed review with SPOILERS is on my blog