A Taylor-Made Life by Kary Rader

Almost-18yo heroine doesn’t want to die a virgin and asks her mom for help in finding the right hook up. Her cancer prognosis isn’t good due to not finding the right matching donor. When she meets her cancer-mentor 25yo billionaire online-gaming creator Hero, she knows he’s the guy for her.

The problem is Hero thinks she’s too young for him, although he is very attracted to her and he wants to get married before he dies from his terminal cancer. When her ex-boyfriend comes back in her life, he finally makes a stand. What kind of relationship can they have with their limited prognosis?

Wow, this was quite an emotional read. It was a touching romance. It reminded me of the tearjerker movie “P.S. I Love You.”. Although this one prepared me for it since we know from the very start that both main characters have terminal cancer, I still was swept away by the angst of seeing what it was like for Hero & heroine to love & live knowing that either or both of them can die soon. Part of what made it so emotional for me is that we got to know heroine & Hero well. We get to know both in their home environments, heroine with her family & friends and Hero with his employees and doctor. We see their humor, their desires & goals, their past losses & accomplishments, and the progression of their cancer. We also see how they resist and fall in love with each other. We see them get married & face their battles with Hero’s partners & their cancer. It was easy to get emotionally invested in such wonderful & courageous characters. So to see them get sicker & sicker was agonizing. I cried. When I was summarizing the book to my husband after, I cried again. To love in sickness and beyond death shows what true love is about. Having both main characters to be so young and promising added to the angst.

Sexual chemistry was good. Sex scenes were closed door. No details at all, which didn’t bother me. Hero & heroine’s emotional connection was very apparent without any lovemaking details.

Highly recommended if you’re in need of a touching and tear-rendering romance.

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.
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