Dead Right

Dead Right - Cate Noble Undercover-op heroine is on the run from Russian villain who raped & tortured her & who is after her for valuable files she stole from him when she escaped. She is protecting her son with undercover-ops Hero who she thought died but instead was imprisoned & tortured in Thai prison for 2 years.
He believed she betrayed him & is vengeful towards her. In their quest to find the villains, they find that things are not what they thought they were.

This Noble book was fast-paced & exciting. The flashbacks to the past worked well. It hinted that things were not what they seemed so I thought that the "real" villain(s) were somebody else than the obvious. But I was wrong. The romance was also exciting & good. But I wish their present-day relationship was discussed or shown more. I thought the rape issue was unnecessary & ruined what would've been a better romance-suspense. Maybe it's just me & my aversion to reading about rape.

Recommended but with rape/torture CAUTION.

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