REVIEW: Choosing Chase (Old Enough To Love You) by Julie Raust

39y.o heroine can’t believe her younger & very good-looking downstairs neighbor would seriously be interested in her.

She shrugs off his sexual proposition but it only makes him more resolute in making his intentions with her clearer. He wants her in his bed, in his life. She gives in but expects only one night of mutual pleasure. She doesn’t want to get her hopes up and end up with a broken heart. It doesn’t take long, however, to get her heart broken. Hearing his friend congratulating him on winning the sex bet confirms what she feared all along. How can Hero convince her otherwise?

Short and sweet. And very steamy. An enjoyable novella with likeable characters, emotionally-involving, and passionate scenes. There’s humor, misunderstandings, secrets, insecurities, and heart-warming scenes. It didn’t feel rushed. The first few pages with the different locations lost me a bit. But I was on track soon after. What I liked the most about it is the emotional connection between Hero and heroine. Hero has had an unrequited love for heroine since they met 2 years ago. He fell in love with her whole package but, most especially, her caring & kind personality. He didn’t consider their age difference a problem at all. Heroine, on the other hand, did. She battled insecurities for most of her marriage, living with a neglectful & unloving husband. Being a widow, middle-aged, and overweight didn’t help any. That’s why she never considered a romance with Hero. And resorted to other methods to relieve her pent-up sexual frustrations, which actually helped her become more assertive. Her shy pride about it and Hero’s consequent responses upon finding out what she did were both funny and hot. What I liked the most is Hero’s persistence in showing her how much she meant to him, when she started putting up barriers between them. It was touching and sexy.


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*ARC courtesy by the author in exchange for an honest review.